All My Fellas – top notes only for now. Go slow and steady and use the written finger numbers.

A Skating Waltz – In this piece the LH has the melody and should be the star. Play the RH light and bouncey. Listen here.

C Major Contrary Motion Scale – this means playing your C scale with hands going opposite directions. This way you will notice the fingers under and over mirror each other and happen at the same time.


Chinese Kite – first 2 lines. This entire piece is black keys, written as sharps. Steps up means RH, stems down means LH. Rhythm and articulation is most important here. Listen here.

Tattoo – up until star on second page. Great work!

E major scale – 4 black keys, F# G# C# D#. Standard fingering.


Morning from Peer Gynt page 1 – When the 8th notes show up, a loose and floppy wrist is your best friend. Tension makes the fingers lock up and not work well.

C Major scale – both hands. RH fingering is 123 12345. LH is 54321 321. You’re really improving with these and I love how steady you play them!


C major scale – both hands. I’ll hear these next week.

Lonely Pine – This piece has a position change for the RH in the middle of it. RH begins in treble C position, and then moves to middle F position. Remember to always create the echo effect by playing the RH Forte first, and then piano on the repeat. Be sure to hold the LH chord down for its full value. Listen here.


Sonatina Bureaucratique – sounds good. Your hands seperate work is amazing so now let’s pivot to slower HT work in chunks.

Rhythms is our big goal until the end of the year. Expect a handful of rhythms to sightread each lesson moving forward.