All My Fellas – Keep chipping away at it slowly. Feel free to write in note names, if you do it it still counts as learning (if I write them in it’s kind of cheating;)

*New* Owl in the Night – This is in C minor position and has some F#s used too. The excessive amount of dynamic markings tells us exactly how to tell an interesting story with this piece. You will notice that each little chunk of melody starts quietly and then grows as it reaches its highest note, and then gets quieter too. Perhaps the owl flies closer to us, and then further away. Listen here.

C Major triad pattern – play them descending more so you get more practice doing it. RH make sure every group of 3 notes starts with your pinky when descending. LH every triad should start with your thing if you’re descending.

Happy Birthday lead sheet – great work! I’m very impressed with the voice leading you did (choosing a C Major inversion so you didn’t have to jump your hand around so far). This week add in the Bb triad too.


Chinese Kite – first 4 lines. Great work! Keep plugging away, but noticing the articulation more.

Tattoo – Both pages.

Viva La Vida – 4 bar groove HT, learn RH melody separately. I think once you can play the LH comfortably, you should play it along with the recording so you can hear how the melody fits with it.


Contrary motion C Major scale – Both thumbs start sharing middle C and then perform their one octave outwards. You will notice the same fingers are playing in each hand like a mirror, and the thumb under tuck happens at the same time too. Go slow and steady for evenness and control.


Contrary Motion C major scale – keep at this. This week your goal is to be smooth and without hesitation, even at a slow tempo. Remember to only tuck your thumb under once within the octave.

C’s Rock – This piece uses all 3 Cs. Notice which notes are staccato and which aren’t. This piece is very short and simple, so I expect to hear it prepared and confident next week. You can play along here as well.


https://www.rhythmrandomizer.com/ You can look at rhythms here to familiarize yourself with counting them out, because you can make the program perform the rhythm as well.