What a lovely final lesson with you all! (See you online on Zoom for your make-up lesson on Monday night Julian). I’ve had the best time working with each of you and you’ve each taught me soooooo much :)


This summer have fun using your online resources with the piano. I would encourage you to flip open a piano book and try to sightread something ideally once a week this summer to maintain reading skills. Keep exploring and I look forward to a new list of goals from you next September!


Missed you today! Have an amazing trip to China and be sure to get some relaxation too! Thanks for the lovely year and thoughtful conversations :)


Today we decided on a different fingering position for Take Me Out to the Ball Game. Try practicing it some more in this hand position and go slower with the goal of a steady, forward marching beat.

We completed level 2A of Faber Piano Adventures! Congratulations! Snake Charmer still could use some love though to truly bring it to life. Make sure to keep your RH finger 4 ready to play C#, not C. I’ll hear it again on Monday night perhaps :)