So much fun exploring chord progressions today!

We learnt a new way to think about major and minor chords:
Minor chords have a minor third on the “bottom”. Between the first and 3rd note (don’t count the first note) there will be 3 semitones.
Major chords have a major third on the “bottom”. Between the first and 3rd note (not counting the starting note) there will be 4 semitones.
3 is the smaller number and small = minor. A small event/a minor event etc.
4 is the bigger number and big = major. A big event/a major event!

Great work on Elegant Elephant, start adding in dynamics and other artistic elements for Thursday.
Nice reading to learn the Carnival song’s melody. Woohoo for learning the proper articulation from the start! Nice job!! See you Thursday in real life :)


Nice progress on Snake Charmer and Ball Game. Keep exploring them and ANY other songs you like this summer. Be sure to be consistent in your fingering choices, remember the metaphor of a pro sports player practicing their shot/throw/swing etc? They do it the exact same way everytime. Piano is no different :)
Have the best summer!!!!