Enjoy the sunny weekend and I’ll see you folks again in June <3


Congrats on finishing Primer level!!! You should be very proud! And your B major scale sounds super even and awesome, moreso in the RH, so give the LH a little extra love so they develop evenly :)

Explore C Major triads more. Play them solid (all 3 notes at once) and broken (walking up the three notes one at a time). CEG EGC GCE CEG is the pattern. Fingers 1 and 5 will ALWAYS be used, and finger 2 or 3 can be chosen for the middle note based on what is comfiest. Here is a video showing the 3 different inversions of C.

Firefly – this is the very first piece of the level 1 book, used to review all the concepts you already know. There is nothing in this piece we haven’t covered this year, so get both hands in C position and give it a whirl! I love this piece, it sounds so lovely. (Try not to lose the paper, but if you do, it can be found here)


Canon x Memories – Sounding really solid at the leisurely tempo you did today in class!! Each time you go play through this, you can increase speed incremently to get it up to tempo. Do not go directly from slow to fast, but work your way up there and I promise you will get it!! Also deciding on a consistent fingering for the Canon melody will really help.

Avatar – Please bring the paper in next week so I can help with the melody. You’ve got the coordination between both hands down now. Using a fingering like 5321 in the LH makes it a lot easier than crossing fingers over all the time, so work to choose the simplest possible fingering that moves around the least.


Dancing Scales – print this one out and give it a try this week. Your physical approach to finger staccato looks solid!!

Goldberg Variations – balance to melody. On the first page we went through and decided which hand we want to hear louder for each phrase. While playing, know what you are listening for and determine if it is at the forefront of the sound you’re creating. Also be picky with any staccato notes and ensure they’re being played detached.


Jazz Blast – The notes that land between the beat create something called syncopation, which is what makes it sound jazzy or funky. Play them louder than the other notes so they stick out. We will do improvisation over this song next week!

Hands together G major scale. Great job on the C one! This will feel the exact same, except F# will be there.

Hands separate Db major scale. This scale onely has 2 white keys, and your thumb will play them. RH fingering is 231 2341 2. LH is 321 4321 2. The system for finding your starting finger for black key scales is: your thumb will go on the first white key, so plan backwards from that.