Hello everyone! Thanks for your flexibility this week <3 Next week we will be back in person and I’ll be running 100%!


Sorry for the mixup, I’ll see you sometime soon! You rock.


Missed you this week. Looking forward to reuniting – happy practicing!


You’re working on all of Let’s Waltz. Watch your Bbs and keep the staccato notes on beats 2 and 3 light ! No one is stomping around as they waltz ;)

You’re also working on Louie Louie. It is a study of I, IV and V chords. It goes: I I I     IV IV      V V V      IV IV and then repeats. Try *not* to think CCC FF GGG FF and instead think of the roman numerals. You’re just doing the bass notes right now (in octaves) but your brother can show you chords when you’re ready.

Recommended practice: 20-25 minutes


You’re working on In the Hall of the Mountain King. This week focus on HT slow practice. Metronome practice is great, but don’t only play it with the metronome. When you do though, 80 bpm is a nice working tempo. Ensure the LH notes are quarters and lining up properly, and not half notes. Amazing work with this melody!

You’re also working on Louie Louie. See above for the chord structure.

You’re learning your F major scale. RH fingering is, as you pointed out 1234 1234. LH is 12345 123.

Recommended practice: 25-30 minutes


I’m looking forward to you having your own copy of Piano Adventures Primer Lesson Book.

Fantastic work with Old McDonald these last two weeks. You really *get* how 8th notes work now.

This week try practicing your C Major pentascales staccato. This is like “hot potato omg these keys are so hot” playing! See if you can keep your hands in their nice rounded shape like every finger is just waiting their turn to punch the key and then quickly run away. You can even video your hands to see if they’re staying nice and curved or if they’re sticking up to the sky when they’re not playing. Do this with both hands, but hands seperate.

Recommended practice: 15-20 minutes


I’m looking forward to you having your own copy of Piano Adventures Accelerated Lesson Book.

Great job sightreading those two pieces today! This week you can take the C Major pentascale I showed you last time and make it minor by adding a black note in the middle. It will be C D Eb F G instead. Try playing it with both hands seperately and you can show me next week in person!

The note drill we were using today can be found here.

Recommended practice: 15-20 minutes