Hello everyone,

Firstly a quick reminder that those of you usually with Tuesday lessons will resume those this week.


Nice to see the enthusiasm for your new drumset! Don’t forget to keep working on the basics (stick control) and try to get used to rolls. We’ll work on simple improv next week and a bit more reading music.


Good work today it looked like you enjoyed just messing around with drum fills so try to keep working on that on your own. I like your variation of the drum beat just whatever you do make sure it’s solid and confident. We’ll keep learning some xylophone too if you’re interested.


I think we made some solid improvement on the rock beat today! We’ll keep solidifying it next lesson as well as your paradiddles


Hope you’re enjoying Hannaford! Try working on your endurance; I understand you would be tired from an early morning rehearsal and then another lesson shortly afterward but learning to play for long periods of time without being too exhausted is a skill in itself. Try to be more focused when you read music, it makes a big difference in how fast you learn things. Keep working on the double stroke and closed rolls, they’re getting pretty good! We’ll keep working on reading xylophone music slowly.


Nice to meet you today! Let me know if you have any more details about your audition and if you are still worried about that: from what I heard today you’ll be fine. If you decide to continue with lessons I will give you a couple of pieces to work on and next week I will probably send out the link to stick control again (rudimentary exercises).

Keep up the good work!




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