Hey everybody! Hope you had a great first full week of school:)


All of Firefly – Great job recognizing which bars are repeats of other bars in the song. You also noticed that the last line includes C major triads (skips), which are a pattern you recognize. Currently your focus is recognizing steps vs skips and the direction that the melody is going.

Steps vs Skips/Beat counting handout – this paper is double sided.

I love improvising and jamming with you! Way to *feel* the pulse.


All of The Swing – watch your tied notes and F#s

Happy Birthday lead sheet – experiment with playing your LH triads in quarter notes, or playing them more broken. Try different ways while keeping a steady pulse.

Major scales – Today we made the connection that the scale fingering you know and use for C major can be used for every other white key start scale. RH fingering is 123 12345, LH is 54321 321. Warm up for a practice session by playing any assortment of C, D, E, F, G, A, B scales, hands separate, but don’t neglect your LH