Aidan- Please take a look at the Arban book pages 6 and 7. At first, try not to write in the note names, and do your best to read it on the staff slowly. Remember that the goal isn’t to memorize it but to be able to read and play at the same time. Also, refresh When the Levee Breaks for our next lesson and we will split the time between the two.

Jack- Go through the Lesson 1 page and play through all of the beats. Take some time on each one, you don’t have to do them all every day. Also, look at beat #5 on the sheet from last week. In addition to this, try to write out your own beat! You can either write one out or play one at the drum set and try to write that down.

Jonathan- Practice Swing Sheet B with fills 3-5. See if you can bring this up over the week to 140 bpm. Also, work on playing Praise the Lord at tempo. It’s just about there, so work on endurance with your right hand at tempos just under the song then bring them up to full speed.

Sam- Keep working on your exam materials, and afterwards start listening to and learning Basket Case ( When playing the xylophone, work on looking at the music instead of the bars or mallets.

Harry- Practice playing the xylophone scales that we’ve covered so far (C, G, D, A, F, Bflat, Eflat). Here is a helpful website with a video that should clear up any questions you may have.

Ali- Take a look at Lesson 1 from the sheets I gave you and see if you can work on some of those beats. Even just sitting down and using your hands and feet is good enough to work on the coordination. Always best to use a metronome and start slow then bring it up in a few increments.

Dash- It was great to meet you! Think about what kind of music you might want to play and we can start on it right away!

Thanks everyone! I’ll see you all on Saturday, have a great week!