My First Piano Adventures. Pp. 38-39. Make sure you have the right fingering (index is 2, middle finger is 3)


p. 62 “Grandmother”. Play with the repetition. Pay attention to bars 3-4 and 7-8.
Start reading Lemonade Stand in p. 64.


“Jingle Bells”. Practice the whole song, adding the last two bars seen in class. Then, speed up the song a bit, (up to 60 bpm aprox. if possible). The same speed goes for “Favorite Words”.


Daylight. Left hand will play the bass note and the 5th, while right hand will make rhythms and arpeggios. If possible, move your hand out of the first position throughout the keyboard. Sing above the rhythmic arrangement on the piano.

Search for Summertime Sadness’ chords. Use the same pattern of bass in the left hand and chords in the right hand to practice.

Sonatina. Read from bar 28 to the end. Pay special attention to the fingering.