Continue with “Walking,” “Running,” and “Skipping” exercises.  Add “jumping!”

Work on “Lullaby.”  Practice hands separately before putting them together!



Practice “Alouette” and review the page explaining the staff, treble, and bass clefs!



Warm up – double thirds.

Positively Swinging – Practice this twice very slowly before playing it up to your speed.

March in D – Practice very slowly twice before playing faster.  Practice trill slowly as many times as you need to feel comfortable.

Prayer – practice without the pedal twice and then add it.  Continue adding dynamics.

The Avalanche – Practice bar 16 to the end nice and slowly.  The first 15 bars sound really good and comfortable!  Work to have this same level of comfort throughout the whole piece.



Practice “Mary’s Rockin Pets,” “Shepherd’s Song,” and “Old MacDonald!”