Awesomeness in the air all around today, folks!  It’s turning out to be a great start to the new piano season!!!


MOVE TO THE RHYTHM of the piece you’re playing, my boy!!!  At a tempo that you can play the piece, correctly, without stopping.  It doesn’t matter how much IN SLOW MOTION you go!  Also, I texted your mom the link to an online note naming game, so please play it as much as you can!!!


Fantastic improvisation/jam session today, my friend!  Why, might you ask?  Because you and I were both moving the rhythm, and ‘playing off’ of each other.  As the rhythm changes, so does the music…  So, practice what we did together this week on your own, just make sure that you’re seated properly, your wrists are high, and NO LEANING ON THE PIANO!!!  Find your stability and strength from your belly!


Whoa, man.  You nailed ‘moving to the rhythm’ of all the pieces you’re working on!!!  Remember and use the ‘3 Steps to Learn Anything (musical)’ when approaching a new piece, or difficult section of a piece.  I have great hopes for you this year!


Great first lesson!!  Am so happy to have you as a cello student.  Cut your fingernails as short as they can go, so that there’s only a little of the ‘white of the nail’ showing!