Hello Everybody!

Here is some information about Spring to get on your radar.

You’re Registered – No Worries

You don’t need to do anything special about staying in your classes.  Your time is booked (unless you specifically requested otherwise) until the end of the school year.  If you are unsure about your booking, please call the office straight away.

Know Your Dates

There are few interruptions that remain for the rest of the school year, but it is worth checking or downloading the schedule and making sure you know the dates.

Remember – There are no classes between March 13-19th, inclusive.  If you are in the Monday class, also take note of the start date for Spring: April 10, not April 3rd. 

Maracas – but don’t disconnect yet!

We all love when it is time for a new collection of music, but we – your teaching team – encourage you to take your most infrequently played, and least favourite songs, and make an effort to put them at the top of your playlist for the weeks that remain.  Why?  There are a number of reasons that this is important:

  • Many of the benefits of the collection are from the curated diversity, you don’t want to limit yourself (or your child!)
  • You may be (subconsciously) discriminating against what you perceive as difficult.  Your child has none of these preconceptions, let’s keep it that way.
  • You may not be aware of the differences in meter or tonality (we’d love to talk to you about this!), but you could be cutting out these incredibly important musical vitamins by not giving all the tunes enough air-time.

So what should you do?  Firstly, don’t take this too seriously.  Like our classes, we don’t want to be overly rigorous, especially with busy parents!  Set yourself a reasonable (if not overly easy) goal of making one ‘B-List’ song your favourite.  If you can do this, you may feel empowered to do more.  We certainly hope so!  Remember:  If you aren’t making music, neither is your child.

Summer & Fall Registration

In mid- to late May, we’ll be asking you, by phone, or in-class, if you will be interested in Summer classes, as well as Fall (Academic 2017-18).  We’ll take your bookings then.  For the summer, billing options will be available for 6 or 8 Saturdays, so you can have some flexibility in your summer.  For the School Year, we’ll bill you in May for the first month of the Fall (October), to hold your spot.

We’ll be sending out an email specifically about this process for your information as we approach the time.

September Pyjama Class!

Between the time we end in June (or even at the end of August) to the time we start up in October always seems like a very long time.  So, we are going to have a special pyjama class on Sunday, September 24th at 7:00pm.  This will be further detailed later, but it is going to be a special class, as we’ll be joined by all of the ABC Academy of Music Teaching team (not just our Music Together teachers!).

For some time we have had a lot of Music Together children move into private lessons, but our lesson team is not well acquainted with the nuances of Music Together, and how they can help transition our Music Together children into music lessons.  It isn’t that that is hard, rather the opposite, but if they know a bit more about how an actual class operates, they’ll be able to take advantage of that.  We’re excited to have them join us!