Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Practice the drum beats and rhythms that I wrote down for you in your lesson. Focus on keeping a steady speed and making all the rhythms even. It will help if you count out loud while you play. Also, don’t try to play too fast. If the rhythms start to become uneven, you’re probably going too fast.


Review all the different beats and fills from “Travellin’” that we have worked on so far. Practice them individually and then try to play longer sections of the music. Focus especially on the sixteenth-note beat from Verse 3. Make sure that the volume of your left hand matches the volume of your right hand. This will help to keep the rhythm even.


Keep working on the ghost note beats. Focus on keeping the ghost notes soft while maintaining a steady beat. If the rhythm sounds uneven, slow the beat down and count out loud. This will really help in developing consistency in your playing.