Hello Everybody!

This is a fairly important update, and I ask that you make yourself aware of the basics in it.


One of our team members will be calling you to ask if you are registering for both Summer and Fall.  All you have to do is indicate yes or no to the person on the phone.  No financial information will be requested.  If you need to get details outside of a yes/no answer, please call the office, or request a call-back the person you are speaking to.


We are now taking Summer registration.  You will be called beginning this week to ask about your interest.

For Summer, there is a Saturday 9:45 Oakwood/St. Clair option, and a Saturday 10:00 College/Ossington option.  There will be a full summer option of 7 weeks for $87.54/month, and 5 weeks for $67.21/month.

Billing will occur in July and August.


We will also be taking Fall registration now.

Monthly rates remain the same at $83.35/month for the first child, and $50.85 for additional siblings (a 39% discount).

You will be billed now (in May, or at time of re-registration) for your October classes to hold your spot, as usual.  Regularly schedule billing will then begin on November 1st.

The Bump to Baby Show

We are delighted to be participating in, and invite you to join us at the 3rd annual Bump to Baby Show at the Wychwood Barns, on May 7th, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The show is a young family-oriented event, featuring workshops, free demonstrations (including Music Together), and a great Marketplace that showcases the best of local, organic, and just useful products and services for your family.

This event is also special to us because it is run by two ABC Parents!  We are so excited and delighted to work with our own families and community on this exciting event.

Spring Recital

Please feel free to join us the following week, as well, for our Spring Recitals!

These are not your childhood recitals – we want our recitals to be more modern and accessible to people, as part of our mission To Save Music, making music for everyone.

The recitals will be at 225 Geary Ave. at the Root Down Studio, with short sessions beginning at 12 noon, 1 p.m., and 2 p.m.  We hope to see you there!

Apprentice Teachers

For those of you at our Oakwood and Wychwood locations, you will have noticed some new smiling, and singing faces!  This February, ABC sent four new teachers for training; Sam Kim, Jennifer Gaulthier, Kristin Day, and Eric Dreher.  Sam and Kristin are part of ABC’s private lesson teaching team, and Jennifer and Eric are new, dedicated, Music Together teachers.  Jennifer is also a Music Together Parent, now with her second child going through!  Eric is also our Guitar for Grownups teacher.  We’ll get biographies up for Jennifer and Eric just as soon as we can.

Lisa (our Lead Music Together Teacher) and Barnaby have been hard at work apprenticing the new teachers, including developing a new apprenticeship procedure to make sure that our new team members exceed our Silliness Quotient and excellence in teaching.  Over the course of this spring, you’ll see them doing more and more teaching, until they are left alone in week 8 or 9, unobserved by Lisa or Barnaby.  This weekend they will be videotaped, and then again in week 10.

We will appreciate any feedback you might glean from a few weeks of observing these new team members, as it will help us to refine and improve their apprenticeship.  Please call us with the ‘constructive’ feedback, but feel free to share and express your appreciation of the things you love directly to the new teachers.  It will help boost their confidence and make your class even better!