Hello Everybody!

This is a fairly important update, and I ask that you make yourself aware of the basics in it.

Recital Update

Here is the current listing of who is playing, and when:


Rock Band II
Osten Smith
Madison Smith

1 p.m.

Rock Band II
Rock Band I
Kate V.

2 p.m.

Rock Band I
Claire M.

Not Registered to play yet?  Call the office with your preferred time now (416-651-7529), or sign up at the desk when you are next at ABC.

Remember, the recital is at 225 Geary Ave., on May 14th.


One of our team members will be calling you to ask if you are registering for both Summer and Fall.  All you have to do is indicate yes or no to the person on the phone.  No financial information will be requested.  If you need to get details outside of a yes/no answer, please call the office, or request a call-back the person you are speaking to.


We are now taking Summer registration.  You will be called beginning this week to ask about your interest.  Remember, you can pick dates for your summer lessons, if you will be away part of, or repeatedly over the summer.  We will happily fit you in when and where possible.  When we call you to do the time booking, after the simple yes/no call, just be sure to have your away-dates on hand, so we can set things up correctly for you!

Billing will occur in July and August.


We will also be taking Fall registration now.

You will be billed now (in May, or at time of re-registration) for your October classes to hold your spot, as usual.  Regularly schedule billing will then begin on November 1st.

Day and Personnel Changes/Adjustments

There are a few small changes for the Fall season.  They follow, listed by Teacher:

  • David Zada will be going to teachers’ college this fall – Good luck, David!  Sam Kim will be taking over for him.  Sam has been on our team this year, and you may have met him!  Lessons will still be on Monday.
  • Leslie Townsend is going to be leaving to increase his focus on performance.  This past 12 months, Leslie has done auditions for the TSO, the Winnipeg Symphony, and has played in the UK, among other things – the focus is clearly working!  Elizabeth Beckman will be taking over for Leslie.  Lessons will be moving to Sunday afternoons.  Elizabeth has been on our team this calendar year.
  • Natalia Soltes will be moving teaching days from Thursday to Tuesday.  When doing your re-registration, you will be able to keep the same time, only on Tuesdays.  If you want to switch times, we’ll need to speak in person.
  • Cicy Chen will be moving Tuesday students to Wednesday.  If you are moving to Wednesday, we’ll need to speak to you directly, as your time may need to shuffle slightly.
  • Leandro (Leo) Marcondes will be on a short leave starting in September, and possibly going to the end of October.  One of our regular team members will cover his schedule, so you need not worry about day and time switches.  We will update you on this as soon as we know who it will be.  Leo will let your sub know exactly what to carry on with while he is away.
  • Cynthia Peyson Wahl looks to be rejoining the ABC team after a year away, and we couldn’t be happier!
  • ROCK BANDS – we are contemplating moving all Rock Bands to a single day.  We are looking at Fridays or Sunday evenings as a possibility, and will welcome your feedback.  We may also keep things the same.

The Bump to Baby Show

We are delighted to be participating in, and invite you to join us at the 3rd annual Bump to Baby Show at the Wychwood Barns, on May 7th, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The show is a young family-oriented event, featuring workshops, free demonstrations (including Music Together), and a great Marketplace that showcases the best of local, organic, and just useful products and services for your family.

This event is also special to us because it is run by two ABC Parents!  We are so excited and delighted to work with our own families and community on this exciting event.