Hi Team,

Happy Summer to you!

Lessons start Tuesday – Be sure you check your schedules now, and the day before/of your lessons.  Things are still changing, and we are adding students.  This is good news!

Homework Posts –  are still to be done over the summer.  Not teaching over the summer?  Consider assigning your returning students some basic assignments (even just listening/viewing) for the summer, and even updating them at the end of July.  Setting expectations for the summer can make it easier to get back up and running in the fall.

Schedule awareness – In order to maximize the efficiency of your time this summer, things may change from week to week.  PLEASE check your schedules often and keep on top of them.

Barn away & what to do –  I will probably be away visiting family between the 5th-7th.  I’ll also be away teaching from July 12-17th inclusive with limited internet access, but I will have my mobile.  Take extra care with planning any changes to your schedule that may affect teaching.  Not sure? Call me.  I will be booking your times unless I know they are unavailable, so use that as a guide.