Dear Piano Explorers and Parents


I am delighted to kick off our first homework post for the summer lessons!  Come and get refreshed in Studio 1 (where there is air conditioning!) and we will continue our musical journey! Here’s a hilarious video if you have a few minutes. I’m pretty sure you all have heard this piece by Beethoven?



Pop Goes The Weasel: Both hands are close together so be careful that you use the correct hand for the notes in each clef. Also, this piece jumps around, going up and down several octaves. Use middle C as your reference point.

Jumping Jacks: Continue to work on bringing up the speed, listening for a light and cheerful sound. Connect the legato notes without moving your hand up-and-down.


Technique: Play the triads for E and F minor, C and G major, plus the cadence at the end (play the I-V-I chord progression)

Foggy Day Blues: Play slow enough that you can incorporate the pedal and dynamics and articulation (slurs, accent, etc.) Practice the first page alone and see if you can put all those together. Then practice the second page. 

The Prayer: I will hear this next lesson

Fur Elise: I will hear this next lesson


We reviewed # and (sharps and flats)

Snake Dance: We reviewed this and continued to aim for improved accuracy

Please download “My note games” on your iPad for the next lesson.


Camptown Races: good work – warm-up your fingers with this piece

Goodnight Ladies: Aim for the “A” in both hands on the last line quickly so you don’t lose the rhythm

This Land is Your Land: Practice this slowly so you can notice where the hands play together, and where the RH has a tied note (and LH plays)


Have a wonderful week everyone, and stay COOL.