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Bobby Hsu

Toronto Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone Saxophone Teacher

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B.A. Hons (UofT)

Bobby began studying violin at the age of eight, and took up saxophone at fifteen. He studied classical saxophone at the university level with Abe Kestenberg, and majored in jazz performance at McGill University, with additional lessons from Canadian jazz titans Pat LaBarbera and Mike Murley. Lately he has embarked on a new adventure as a beginning singing student.

Bobby has been playing on the Toronto jazz scene for fourteen years, and is in his sixth year teaching at ABC Academy of Music. In the spring of 2012, Bobby will be releasing an album with his ensemble, A Sondheim Jazz Project, playing modern jazz arrangements of songs by Stephen Sondheim with singer Alex Samaras.


Hobbies: playing musical instruments (including voice) that I’m bad at.

Musical influences: Handel, Debussy, Stravinsky, Copland, Rodgers, Styne, Bock, Sondheim, Parker, Coltrane, Rollins, Shaw…

Favourite food: my next meal.

Least favourite food: the one after that.

Favourite music: changes often, but currently obsessed with musical theatre songs of the 1960s

Favourite song: changes daily, but this one’s pretty nice:

Favourite movie: Michael Apted’s documentary “Up” series.

Favourite movie music: West Side Story

Favourite musical theatre/opera: see above, but how’s this for an underdog: The Yearling, with a brilliant score by Michael Leonard. Closed in 1966 after three shows.

Best quote from your teacher: “If students REALLY listened to themselves, teachers would be unnecessary.”    -Abe Kestenberg

Favourite quote: “Wide my world, narrow my bed.” (from “Never Will I Marry”, 1960)
-Frank Loesser

Favourite book: the O.E.D., seriously.

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Saxophone Homework, April 6

David: Great work learning last week’s etudes. Your scales are also getting quick and even–keep it up! This week, play the B-flat major scales slowly, and work on Hovey #61 first. Work on the Rubank study second. Pay attention to the exact articulations.

See you next week!

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