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Daniel Pitt2021-08-04T04:37:16-04:00

Project Description

B.Mus (UofT)
Advanced Diploma in Music (Mohawk)

Daniel Pitt is a guitarist, composer and arranger currently based in Toronto, Canada. He is currently enrolled in the Music Performance program at the University of Toronto.

Through an array of different music genres, Dan has studied music and the guitar for over 10 years. He has been active in both his hometown of Hamilton and his current home of Toronto playing music of all varieties while mainly focusing on jazz studies. Dan has had the opportunity to study with great musicians such as Bob Shields, David Restivo, Geoff Young, Tony Malaby and Brad Shepik. He has also worked with other musicians such as Pat Collins, David Braid, Terry Promane, Michael Attias and Michael Formanek. He has also recorded with groups such as the Hamilton All Star Jazz Band and the University of Toronto 12tet.

Dan’s teaching experience includes private guitar and piano lessons, as well as both solo and ensemble instruction for brass, woodwind and percussion instruments.

Get to know Daniel…Beyond the Bio!

Musical influences: Bill Frisell, Ed Bickert, Ben Monder, Tosin Abasi, Jakob Bro, Paul Motian, Joe Henderson, Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane, Lee Konitz, Lennie Tristano, Charlie Christian, Pink Floyd, The Police

Favourite food: Ramen

Least favourite food: Chili

Favourite music: Modern Jazz, Folk and Creative/Improvised Music

Favourite song: “Blue Mountains” by Sam Amidon

Favourite movie: Star Wars

Favouirite movie music: Star Wars

Favourite musical theatre/opera: West Side Story

Best quote from your teacher: “There are more important things in life than music” – Geoff Young

Favourite quote: “Do or Do Not. There is no try.” – Jedi Master Yoda

Favourite book: “Pure Rhythm” – Adam Rudolph

Best thing about teaching at ABC: Sharing music and making music with inspired students!

Latest Homework from Daniel

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Hello all,

Here’s this week’s homework.


This week we talked about practicing time feel and quarter note pulse on the bass. Try practicing playing quarter notes with a metronome. The note choices can be random but take this opportunity to try and hear your way through some interesting lines of your choice.


This week we looked at “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes. We talked about different guitar techniques to use on the riff of this song such as vibrato, palm mute and slides. Try practicing these techniques over the main riff of the song.


Have a great week everyone!

Homework (Jan 10 to Jan 16th)

Hello Everyone,

Here is this week’s homework:


This week we worked on getting a strum pattern together on “Africa”. This is for the chorus in particular. I want him to practice this strum pattern over the chords while trying to switch. The strum pattern goes: D UDUDU. D for downstroke. U for upstroke. Kiran can practice this along with the recording as well. This way he will get a good sense of the time and groove.

Important: It would be great if Kiran could get a binder for his music papers and notes. The guitar book is starting to get really messy and papers are being lost or forgotten.


This week we added a strum pattern to “Ahead by a century. We focus a lot of rhythm regarding the fact that the guitar grooves are happening off the beat. Koel should practice strumming these chords along with the music and get a sense for the rhythms.

Important: It would be great if Koel could get a binder for his music papers and notes. The guitar book is starting to get really messy and papers are being lost or forgotten.


This week we covered a lot of ground regarding notes and reading music. We focused mainly on playing notes on the e string all the way from E (open string) to E (12th fret) using the following notes: E, F, G, A, B, C, D, E. Luca should practice playing these notes up the string while saying which notes he is on as he plays it. This is very important in order to break away from numerical systems and shapes that come with the guitar.


Have a great week everyone!

Preferred Books for Daniel’s Students

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Hal Leonard Guitar Method

Book 1, with CD



The second edition of this world-famous method by Will Schmid and Greg Koch is preferred by teachers because it makes them more effective while making their job easier. Students enjoy its easy-to-follow format that gives them a solid music education while letting them play songs right away. Book 1 provides beginning instruction including tuning, 1st position melody playing, C, G, G7, D7, and Em chords, rhythms through eighth notes, solos and ensembles and strumming.

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The Advancing Guitarist

Cover of The Advancing Guitarist

Veteran musician and educator Mick Goodrick presents practical information for guitarists who want to improve their playing technique and style and simply become better musicians. Rather than a step-by-step method book, the information is presented in a general essay format, discussing ways that the various techniques covered may be applied by the advancing guitarist to enhance his/her own style of playing, some of the areas discussed include: basic fingerboard mechanics * modes, scales and chords * contemporary harmony * harmonica and overtone influences * being self-critical * improvising short pieces * different playing situations.

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Charlie Parker Omnibook (C Instruments)

Cover of Charlie Parker Omnibook (C Instruments)

The Omnibook has become the book to turn to when you want to master the Bird. Includes 60 solos such as Anthropology * Au Privave (Nos. 1 and 2) * Billie’s Bounce * Blues for Alice * Chi Chi * Confirmation * Constellation * Dewey Square * Donna Lee * Ko Ko * Moose the Mooch * Ornithology * Scrapple from the Apple * Shawnuff * Yardbird Suite * and more. Transcribed by Jamey Aebersold and Ken Slone. Spiral-bound, with chord symbols, metronome markings, record information, and practice suggestions. “One of jazz education’s holy scriptures.”

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