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Matt Morgan2021-09-07T15:20:38-04:00

Project Description

Bachelor in Jazz Performance (Humber)
Certificate in Jazz Performance (Humber)

Having recently graduated Humber College, Matt is becoming an established musician in the Toronto jazz scene. His time at Humber was spent perfecting his craft and studying with many of Canada’s finest guitar players and musicians such as Kim Ratcliffe, Ted Quinlan, Lucian Gray, and Jocelyn Gould.

Matt is a hard working freelance musician and plays shows all over the city at venues like The Rex and Alchemy as well as doing work for private events and weddings. During the pandemic In the future, Matt is hoping to premiere his original music, plan a cross Canada tour and release an album.

Get to know Matt…Beyond the Bio!

Hobbies: Biking, Movies, Literature

Musical Influences: Lester Young, Wes Montgomery, Oscar Peterson

Favourite Food: Ramen

Favourite Music: Jazz or Indie Rock

Favourite Song: Pennies From Heaven

Favourite Movie: Fantastic Mr Fox

Favourite movie music: Scott Pilgrim VS The World Soundtrack

Favourite musical theatre: Hairspray

Best Quote From a Teacher: “Does it sound like Ella Fitzgerald?”

Favourite Book: Infinite Jest

Best thing about teaching at ABC: Seeing students realize how far they’ve come and how much they’ve improved

Latest Homework from Matt

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Recommended minutes to practice: 5 minutes a day

What to practice: Keep working on You Are My Sunshine, we’re so close to getting the whole thing! Also we started the kookaburra song, the ending for that is tricky so we’ll work on that part. If you could try and play your G chord that would be amazing, I know it’s hard but I know you can get it.

How to practice it most effectively: Song along while you play you are my sunshine and try to play it the exact same way every time. For the G chord, you’ll have to have patience and just keep making the chord shape over and over again. Repetition is key!

How parents can help: Make sure that Katarina actually sits down and works on the assigned work, especially if you know how to play the G chord on ukulele you could help Katarina get that down pat.



Recommended minutes to practice: 10 minutes a day

What to practice: Make sure you print out the sheet for Country Roads so we can go over that in more detail. Secondly, keep practicing You Are My Sunshine, you have the whole thing down and I want you to memorize it. Lastly, keep going over C major and play it in thirds.

How to practice it most effectively: Once you have the sheet for Country Roads you can play along with the recording, this will help you get the song down. It’s more important to listen to the tract than read the sheet music.



Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day

What to practice: Keep working on Black Dog, it’s sounding really good. Try a couple of those hammer on and pull off exercises we went over, this will be helpful when we play more of the wish you were here solo. Memorize the 4 chords, C, Am, D, and G. We need these if we want to play the rest of wish you were here. 

How to practice it most effectively: Practice switching between these chords slowly with a metronome, make the chord then let 4 beats go and in that time switch to the next chord, you can cycle between just two or all 4.



Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day

What to practice: Keep working on seven nation army with those power chords, we did a little bit of practicing in the lesson, just switching power chords between two frets, do that exercise and then try playing all of seven nation army. Practice Home by Edward Sharpe, this will help with right hand technique. Also keep working on Black Dog!! It sounds so good! 

How to practice it most effectively: Practice the power chords slowly, and maybe slow down the youtube video so you can practice slowly. Also play along with Home, this will help your rhythm.



Recommended minutes to practice: 20 minutes a day

What to practice: Keep working on the Fly Me To The Moon melody and play it in both octaves. Keep going with the triads, they get better every time I hear them. Also learnt he melody for House of The Rising Sun, and we will also keep working on Don’t Stop Me Now. 

How to practice it most effectively: Obviously playing along with House of The Rising Sun and Fly Me To The Moon will help a lot, secondly you could record yourself on your phone and listen back and ask yourself what you need to fix. 




Recommended minutes to practice: 30 minutes a day

What to practice: Keep playing the chords for Don’t Stop Me Now and also try and perfect the melody, you’ve got it down pretty well but I want it to be perfect and we’ll start the solo next week. Also try and find some stuff to practice your sight reading with, there are lots of good free PDFs online of random single note sight reading. Clarinet etudes are great.

How to practice it most effectively: Playing along with the track and try to lock into Freddies vibrato. Also when sight reading make sure to scan the page quickly for hard parts and figure it out and then give the whole thing a go.



Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day

What to practice: Next week we’ll start learning our Christmas tune. When you’re practicing try to review some of the sections in the Hal Leonard book just so you have a strong grasp of those older concepts. I think you’re right hand is getting better and better, practice makes perfect. Seven nation army was sounding really good and we almost have it up to speed, next week we’ll play that and smells like teen spirit.  Also practice switching between Am and Em.

How to practice it most effectively: Play along with the recordings at a slower speed, also try to review book 1 sections with a metronome, I know it’s tough but you’ll be so much better.



Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day

What to practice: Work on naming the notes of C major and see if you can name the notes of D major. Also work on playing D major in thirds. In addition, work on playing Good 4 u in BOTH keys, I still want you to be able to grab that E major chord pretty quickly. Also listen to Dream a Little Dream of Me, maybe even try and figure out the chords. 

How to practice it most effectively: Saying the notes while you play them for the scales would be a helpful exercise to help you visualize where the notes are on the neck, also playing along with Olivia Rodrigo would be amazing as well, even with the simpler strumming pattern.



Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day

What to practice: Keep on playing stand by me, you’re totally killing that tune. Secondly, practice One Love by Bob Marley and try to get that strumming pattern down. Thirdly, work on those new chords Bb and Eb.

How to practice it most effectively: Count out loud while doing the strumming pattern, also strum quietly, I think you’re putting too much power into your strums.


Isaac Smith

Recommended minutes to practice: 20 minutes a day

What to practice: You did such a great job on wish you were here!!! So much progress in so little time, you should be proud!! Keep on playing through it and we’ll work on the strumming pattern and the melody a bit. Secondly, work on the the extended C major scale but played in thirds, try this in F also. Lastly, work on playing On The Road Again playing the bass line and that strumming pattern with the finger. 

How to practice it most effectively: You’ve been taking my advice of playing along with the track which is great it’s totally paid off, now play the bass line along with willie nelson. Also maybe try to play your scales and triads with a metronome.


Preferred Books for Matt’s Students

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Modern Method for Guitar

Volume 1, Book & DVD

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This pack includes Volume 1 of this practical, comprehensive method book (the basic text for the guitar program at the world-famous Berklee College of Music) PLUS a matching DVD-ROM featuring 14 complete lessons with Larry Baione, chair of Berklee’s guitar department.

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Reading Studies for Guitar

Cover of Reading Studies for Guitar by William Leavitt

A comprehensive collection of studies for beginners to improve their reading and technical ability. Covers: positions 1 through 7 in all keys while introducing scales, arpeggios, written-out chords, and a variety of rhythms and time signatures.

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Elementary Rudiments of Music

For older beginners and adult students, this is an effective text for private study or in a school or college setting. Teaches Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced music theory in one volume. Covers notation; major and minor scales; other scales and modes; intervals; chords; cadences and melody writing; time; identifying keys; transposition; score types; terms, signs, and abbreviations; analysis. Accompanying Answer Book sold separately.

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