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Project Description

M. Mus (University of Ottawa)
B. Mus (Cleveland Institute of Music)

Kristin Day is passionate in her belief that music can create positive social change. The Toronto-based bassoonist and educator has toured widely to perform and share her knowledge.

As a bassoonist, Kristin has performed extensively across Canada and has toured as far as China. She has appeared with some of the nation’s most recognized orchestras including the National Arts Centre Orchestra, the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, the Windsor Symphony, and the Aradia Ensemble. Recently, Kristin has appeared as guest principal bassoonist with the newly-formed ensemble #WePlayOn, made up of the former musicians of Orchestra London.

From 2013-2015 Kristin was a teaching artist for Sistema New Brunswick, where she mentored at-risk youth in the Moncton area. Under her guidance, her bassoon students have won awards at music festivals as well as positions in the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra and the National Youth Orchestra of Canada.

During her formal studies, Kristin was mentored by the eminent bassoonists John Clouser (The Cleveland Institute of Music), Daniel Matsukawa (Temple University), and Christopher Millard (University of Ottawa) and performed with ensembles such as the National Repertory Orchestra, the National Academy Orchestra, and the National Youth Orchestra of Canada.

Get to know Kristin…Beyond the Bio!

Hobbies: learning Mandarin, cooking, travelling
Musical influences: Christopher Millard, the Cleveland Orchestra
Favourite food: Chinese food
Least favourite food: avocado
Favourite music: whatever I’m learning at the time :)
Favourite song: “Tacky” by Weird Al Yankovic (parody of “Happy” by Pharrell Willams)
Favourite movie: The Princess Bride
Favourite movie music:  anything by John Williams
Favourite musical theatre/opera: Der Rosenkavalier by Richard Strauss
Best quote from your teacher: “You must cross every ‘t’ dot every ‘i’ but after that you must say something with the music”
Favourite quote: “Do or do not. There is no try”
Best thing about teaching at ABC: teaching students to love music, think critically and about how awesome the bassoon is!
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Kasey Ann ,

Warm up : C, G, D, A, E major scales and triads with cadences, arpeggios

New pieces : Barcarole – practice left hand first to get the chords in place (ready) , focus on the middle part, pay attention to the key change

Pachelbel’s canon – practice each hand separately first, then try hands together, make sure to hold legato and tied or long notes where indicated

(anime pieces welcome! :)

  • try to practice 15 – 20 minutes a day


Warm up : C, G , D , A major scales and triads , A minor scale hands seperately

New pieces : Lunar Eclipse – work on the arpeggios first, before you try hands together

– ad pedal with left hand

Tarantella – hands separately, watch for changes in the positions, base line

  • try to practice 10 -15 minutes each day


Warm up: c, G, D, major scales and chords, cadences

New pieces : In the city

Time to go

G position notes (try to memorise positioning of the new notes)

by memory : Malaguena  (practice both hands separately and together, keeping the beat steady)

  • try to practice 10 -15 minutes a day



Warm up : C, G, D, major scales and triads, cadences, arpeggios

New Pieces : Storm on Saturn – whole-note scale, have your fingers ready in the correct position before starting

Changing moods – solid and broken chords in major and minor keys

by memory: Medieval times – work on transposing in octaves smoothly

  • try to practice 10 – 15 minutes a day



Warm up : C major scale and chords,cadences

New Pieces : China town – A minor , watch out for the position changes, make sure to use indicated fingering

My new bike – middle C position, have both hands ready, chromatic changes in the middle part : C, F and A sharp

by memory : Waltz of the Christmas Toys

  • try to practice 10 – 15 minutes a day



Warm up : C major scale and triads

New Pieces : Through the enchanted forest – C major position both hands

A knight comes riding – be sure to connect left hand notes : C – E – G – C , play smoothly legato :)

by memory : Alouette

  • try to practice 10 -1 5 minutes a day



Warm up : C, G, D, A, E, B major scales and triads, cadences, arpeggios

New Pieces : Beach Buggy Boogie – C major , keep the beat (L H) watch for changing positions  : C – F – G

Cowboy girl in the sand – hands separately, then try 1 page hands together

by memory : Neil Young

  • try to practice 15 – 20 minutes a day



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Preferred Books for Kristin’s Students

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Bassoon Fundamentals:

A Guide to Effective Practice

Cover of Klutsch: Bassoon Fundamentals

Concentration on individual aspects of playing the bassoon will make it easier to identify and correct errors and imprecision. By working steadily through these exercises you can acquire a basic technique that will enable you to tackle difficult passages in the bassoon repertoire. Such meticulous attention to detail will help you achieve the freedom to follow your intuition in a spontaneous musical performance.

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Seltmann: Bassoon method

Volume 1


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Melodious & Progressive Studies for Bassoon

Cover of Hawkins: Melodious & Progressive Studies for Bassoon

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