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Toronto Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, and Piano Teacher

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Project Description

BFA Spec. Hons. (York University)

At the age of seven Matthew started learning guitar, and is studying and practicing with renowned classical guitarist and composer William Beauvais. He studied 3 years of Jazz guitar at York University with Rob Capaletto and Scott Cassells, and played in Toronto All Star Big Band’s junior band. In high school, he took up classical piano study and fell in love with the instrument, excelling quickly. Matthew is fascinated with composition and hope to pursue his Master’s degree in that discipline. As a teacher he enjoys the teaching experience because it develops/furthers his own understanding of the subject matter.

From Matthew:

My moral is that if you love something enough you will never stop learning in it, and will continue to set goals and have high standards. Music is something we all listen to! Find what it is you like about the music you listen to and why? Listening to a lot of music, different styles, and going out to watch performers are also all great ways of practicing music that we don’t usually associate with practicing. Why do you like that music that you do? Why do you like the way a certain musician/band plays? These are valid questions that every musician should ask them self to understand what they like and pursue their interests. Find an inspiration! Whatever it may be, your inspiration will motivate you when practicing becomes difficult, or prompt you to write your own music. We all go through similar experiences because we’re all human, and as a teacher I understand this.

In his downtime Matthew enjoys playing video games, trying new food, spending time with family, and exercising.

Get to know Matthew…Beyond the Bio!

Hobbies: sports, exploring, camping, swimming

Musical influences: classical music, classic rock, metal

Favourite food: pizza

Least favourite food: olives

Favourite music: metal and classical

Favourite movie: The Matrix

Favourite movie music: N/A

Favourite musical theatre/opera: Dido & Aeneas

Best quote from your teacher: “With dedication and practice, you will succeed”

Favourite quote: “What human music is, anyone may understand by examining his own nature.” – Boethius, De institutione musica, 6th c.

Favourite book: Eragon

Best thing about teaching at ABC: Fun teaching and learning experience

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Homework Post OCT 4 – OCT 11


What to practice: Memorize notes E, F, and G on the 1st string of the guitar and memorize what they look like on the music staff. Memorize notes B, C, and D on the 2nd string of the guitar and memorize what they look like on the music staff. Try playing ‘Ode to Joy’ – L. van Beethoven.

How to practice: Use diagrams provided in the book to aid in learning notes. Say note names out loud after you play them. Arch your fingers over the strings and press into the fret-board with your fingertips (it is normal for this to hurt at first); if your thumb is extending past the neck of the guitar this is too high. Before you try playing ‘Ode to Joy,’ try counting to 4 at a slow pace, establishing a feeling for 4 beats.

Recommended practice time: 5 hours a week. not left all until the day before, daily practice is required.

How parents can support practice: Invest in the music book I use to teach (Guitar Method Book 1 – Hal Leonard) for daily practice, as well as a guitar tuner (preferably the clip on ones) and music stand. Set times for your child to practice everyday and make sure they do. Make sure they have a quiet space and can be focused, not distracted by a phone or t.v etc. Have a comfortable chair for them to sit in, preferably one without arm rests because these will obstruct the guitar. Remember to be encouraging and supportive!

The Book:

PS: Sorry for the inconvenience  of this late post, please understand I am only just beginning to work with this system. Future posts will be written on day of lesson.


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