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Project Description

B.Mus (Glenn Gould, RCM) in-progress

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Brad quickly developed a taste for classical music in his youth. Early musical exposure from his favourite childhood cartoon “Bugs Bunny” caught his attention, and fell in love with the iconic modern orchestral sound. In grade seven, he joined his middle school music program and was instantly drawn to the Trumpet.

After four years, he decided to further his musical education and challenge himself with private lessons with his first teacher, Paul Jeffery. Obsessed with musical growth, he did everything possible to push himself to his limits. This includes piano lessons, choir, and Manitoba’s Honour Bands. At the end of twelfth grade, he was chosen as the winner of the Up Close and Orchestral competition, which included a tour of seven performances with The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

In 2017, he auditioned for The Glenn Gould School of the Royal Conservatory of Music, where he currently studies with Andrew McCandless. This summer, he will be one of four trumpet players in the National Youth Orchestra of Canada.

Get to know Bradley…Beyond the Bio!

Hobbies: Watching The Food Network, listening to unfamiliar music, and practicing
Musical influences: Phil Smith, Andrew McCandless, Valentina Lisitsa, Arthur Rubinstein
Favourite food: Sushi
Least favourite food: Mushrooms
Favourite music: Orchestral music
Favourite song: Anything by Mahler
Favourite movie: Anything by Quentin Tarantino
Favourite movie music: Interstellar
Favourite musical theatre/opera: Wicked and The Magic Flute respectively
Best quote from your teacher: “Have faith, trust and believe” -Andrew McCandless
Favourite quote: “Breathe to live and not to play” -Renold Schilke
Favourite book: Arban Complete Method for Trumpet
Latest Homework from Bradley

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IMPORTANT • Teacher Change

Hello Families!

We are writing to let you know that starting in January, Bradley will be handing off his Piano teaching to David Zada, one of our other core teachers, who has been with us for a number of years now. Please visit his Teacher Page for more information and to get to know him.

At this time we are still recruiting for Trumpet, and do not have an update for you. We will absolutely keep you informed about what to expect in advance of January.

As will all teachers switches, we have a procedure that assures that your experience, and that of your young student(s) is seamless and allows for the continuation of the work you have been doing, alongside the quality you expect from us and our teachers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call directly in the office. We will be happy to speak to you.

Thank you!



Hi Abi,

Here’s your HW for the week.

Clarke 1 (#7,1) and 2 (#27,32,34) – Smooth connected, consistent air

Getchell – First study. Good tone, clear articulation, consistent smooth air

Links to both books:

Also, try to listen to some trumpet players this week. I think it’ll help you get an idea of a sound you like so you can have it in your ear. You can look for solo rep or orchestral if you would like. Here are some suggestions for both:


Wanton Marsalis, Allison Balsam, Håkan Hardenberger, Thomas Hooten, Philip Smith


Any Bernstein recording with New York (Philip Smith usually plays in these)

Berlin Philharmonic after 2004 (Gabor Tarkovi plays in these)

Isaac, Gabe and Steve

Hi guys,

Here’s your HW for the week.


Scales – C Major HS 1 octave with arpeggio, F Major HS 1 octave, G Major HS 1 octave, D Minor HS 1 octave

Pieces – Surprise Symphony, focus on solidifying the second line. Mouse in the clock, keep last line super quiet! New: Bedtime Boogie Woogie, practice slow learning the notes.


Scales and arpeggios – C Major 1 Octaves HS, D minor 1 octave HS, G Major 1 Octaves HS, G minor 1 octave HS, Chromatic starting on F# 2 octave HS

Pieces – Bach. Continue to work away at right notes and consistent rhythm


Scales – C Major 2 Octaves HT, D Minor 1 Octave HT, D Major 1 Octave HT, F# minor 1 octave HS

Pieces – Bach. Try the beginning hands together, continue to get the chromatic parts near the end comfortable. Also, find another piece that you find fun that you would like to work on for next week!

Have a good week!

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