Hello everyone! As I was anticipating in person lessons today, I had a small gift to give to each of you. It is a binder you can keep your loose piano papers in, and I have filled them with 2 personalized song choices each. There is also a Winter Break Bingo everyone can participate in. If you get 5 in a row vertical, horizonal or diagonal you will get a prize in the New Year. If you complete the entire board – even better! You’ll get your binders in the new year as well. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!




Great job with your C Major one octave scales. Keep it up! RH fingering is 123 12345. LH fingering is 54321 321. The goal is to keep them nice and even.

You’re working on Flute of the Andes and Runaway Rabbit. They both use the most recent interval we learnt – the perfect 4th. (four Letter names apart, including the starting and ending one. ex. C to F). Rabbit is meant to be played faster than Flute. They both have multiple dynamics markings, so be sure to vary your volume.


Missed you this week. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!


I don’t know if this image will be legible, but it’s a list of all the technique at this level for you to refer to over the break. Play a smattering of them every so often to keep them fresh.

For In the Spirit, try adding the pedal and exaggerating the dynamics more. Great work! You could try playing along to a swing drumbeat, or a metronome as well.

The pieces I put in your Google Drive/binder are On Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz and Arms Tonite by Mother Mother. Play around with them if you want! No pressure.

You could also pick out a new piece from your repertoire books to surprise me with…


Great determination with Rudolph! Congrats!

Your two pieces over the break are I Am the King and Moonlight Melody. Great work on I am the king this week, now try and get it more even so you can play it all the way through without stopping. Moonlight Melody relies a lot on dynamics to sound cool, so pay close attention to the crescendo and decrescendos. Start quiet to give yourself room to grow. In lines 1 and 3 where the LH has the melody, it should be louder than the RH. When the RH has the melody, it should be louder. This is an important piano skill.

The pieces I put in your Google Drive/binder are Darth Vader’s Theme/Imperial March and Cantina Band. Play around with them if you want! Imperial March is definitely at your level – Cantina Band I would only learn the RH to start. Don’t be intimidated by it, you definitely have the skills to play the RH melody. No pressure though, these aren’t homework :)

Thanks again for the gift <3


You got your new book! Awesome!

You’re working on the first 8 bars/first page of On With the Show! Pay attention to the tied notes (the same identical note with a line drawn connecting them). This means you don’t play the second note, you just combine their values. This makes the RH melody sequence “half note, quarter note, half note”. Play this passage hands together.

In your Google Drive, I also put the Imperial March if you’re interested.