You are all progressing amazing. I am a lucky teacher! If you need to register for exams, here’s the link. 

Liam – please register for exam. Teacher code 130747

Harlequinade – excellent attention to detail this week!! Keep on keeping on. Your fingering seemed accurate too.

Practice solid triads by doing every inversion broken and then solid before before to the next inversion. For example, C   E    G  CEG. Then the next inversion.

*New* Witches and Wizards – D minor. Notice the clef changes and the accidentals. The accents are very helpful to feel the pulse properly, remember in 6/8 we want to feel 2 main beats. Listen here.


Canon x Beautiful in White – Yeah!! Nice progress. Today we made connections between the Beautiful in White melody, to the chord being played in the LH to notice that is alost entirely notes found in each triad.

Great reading today!!!


Quarter Rest Rock – you CRUSHED this in lesson today! Next week I’m so excited to hear you play the RH while the LH drums again. I’m very impressed. Show your parents!

C major scales – Keep at it. Next week I will reach you a minor scale with the same fingering.


Think about adding dynamic shaping to all your technical requirements. Crescendo until the top, and then dimuendo back to the bottom, taking care not to “bump” the final note too loudly.

*New* Take the A Train – articulation will really help bring the playful nature alive. Listen to a few recordings of this tune so you can decide what instruments or voices you want to imitate in your version. Here is an amazing video by Randall Faber (the arranger of this piece, and creator of Piano Adventures) talking about this exact arrangement. 

*New* March in D major by CPE Bach. Listen here. Prepare without trills this week. As this is Baroque, LH should be entirely detached. RH you can play the 8th notes that are moving by steps legato, but seperate everything else.

Ear training link for the specific intervals you need.

Maple Leaf Rag – I didn’t hear this today, but I want to record this soon.

Marco – please register for exam. Teacher code 130747

Minuet in C – all HT. I love the tempo you chose today. Keep it nice and slow and controlled like that.

Indiana Jones – now add on bridge chords to hands together. Same half note rhythm as before.

E minor natural and harmonic scale – the relative major is G.

Daniel – please register for exam. Teacher code 130747

*New* Pierrot Skipping – M1-8. Notice the mostly staccato articulation and carefully read the many accidentals. Listen here for the vibe, but obviously begin at a slow consistent tempo. 

C and G major formulas. I didn’t hear these today, but I will first thing next week. Careful fingering is all I’m looking for.

Atacama Dessert – measures 1-16. Nice work. Remember that the RH mostly starts after an 8th beat rest. Beat 1 is usually not hands together. Great job with the tied LH notes.


River Dance – We played through everything but the final line today. Have fun with the syncopation and parallel harmonies, this song sounds so fun and is equally fun to play.

Arpeggios in C – this is an extended version of a triad. It has one big thumb under motion per two octaves. RH use fingers 1231235 and then come back down the same way. LH uses fingers 5321321 and goes down the same way.

Greta – please register for exam. Teacher code 130747.

Natural and Harmonic Minor scales – A, D and E. Natural Minor is only notes borrowed from the relative major. Harmonic minor is that PLUS a raised 7th.

Minuet in A minor – great work with rhythms! Your practice habits clearly paid off here. Be sure you are not rushing the quarter notes. Remember your 8th notes must be double the speed of your quarter notes. Keep it up!

*New* Red Satin Jazz – m1-12. This is based on a 12 bar blues form that uses the I, IV, and V chords from a particular key in a certain order. Count carefully to get that jazzy syncopation. Listen here.