At Night on the River – more hands seperate. Once you can really feel the 3 beats per measure in both hands this will flow a lot easier. Feel the long-short-long-short of the LH.

*New* Beethoven in Piano Pronto – 1st page. The down-up-up-up feel is super important to getting both the accent as well as the two-note slur accurate.


Canon x Beautiful in White – YOU’RE CRUSHING THIS. Wherever you usually mess up, isolate that section and loop it multiple times successfully.


Laundry Limbo – all 4 pieces. This unit is about playing the notes D, E and F in both hands, sometimes in unison, sometimes taking turns. Use the finger number clues over the first notes to find your starting position and keep your hands there. We want to make sure all our fingers get to play.

 C scale – both hands, seperately.


Maple Leaf Rag – In spots where the LH plays the same chord multiple times, use a loose and floppy wrist to play the keys in the same manner that you do when making large quick leaps. This will help to keep the volume of LH down, and minimize tension.

Satin Doll – Nice job! Thicken up some of the dotted quarter notes so there’s no “holes” in the melody.

*New* Warsaw Session – Counting and being accurate with the LH is most important thing here. Begin hands seperate for sure, and draw lines to show which beats the RH goes in between if helpful.


Superman Theme – Nice work! The 1st section continues a few measures onto the second page. When playing through the RH, tap or say the main steady pulse. I want you to know which melody notes fall on the beat.

*New* Song of the Dark Woods – 2 lines. This piece is in D minor. The fingering is very important to getting a legato texture.

Keep all technique prepared.


Pierrot Skipping – All. More staccato in the RH. Don’t worry about tempo, just worry about keeping it steady and accurate.

Keep all technique skills prepared. This week, focus on getting your G major formula as good as your C one.

*New* River Dance – pg 1. This piece moves small melodies to nearby keys a whole step away. Be sure to notice the tied note in the opening melody.


Prelude V – Nice job! We’ve now read through the entire thing. Be sure to add in the dynamics for the call and echo part.

Greta – please register for level 1 exam. Teacher code 130747

The Snake – YOU KILLED THIS!! Great work. Now really add in some dynamics to bring the snake to life. Amazing fingering accuracy.

*New* Angelfish – Evenness is the main point of this piece. Go slow enough that you can “get to” the higher notes with your crossed over LH on time. Steady even fingers is the goal.