Have a lovely March break everyone! See you on the 21st.


*New* Sonatina in G Major – For now, leave the grace notes out and just play the main melody. When doing the “Alberti bass” in the LH (where it goes bottom-top-middle-top), *rotation* of the wrist is your best friend. Think about twisting a door handle and let the rotation be what takes you from thumb to pinky effortlessly. Listen here.

If you have the time, explore the Ragtime medley that begins with Hello My Baby in Piano Pronto. It is not swung, just sounds jazzy due to the short-long syncopation. Count carefully!

Nice progress on the scales! Keep up all of your technique.


Wunderkeys – Laundry Limbo – Move and Groove. This will be right after your pages with sticky flags on them. This pieces might not be in a position we are used to! You have to identify the starting note, then read the finger number written up above to learn where to place your hands.


*New* Nightingale – D minor. Look carefully at the LH, it typically has 3 different “shapes” of notes used. Whenever the RH goes up high into ledger line territory, it is typically playing a melody we have already played lower down, so look for repeating patterns and ideas.


Maple Leaf Rag – Here’s today’s performance. Absolutely killer, however we can get another recording where you nail the ending.

Desafinado – Use a 120bpm boss nova backing track on youtube to play the melody along with. Once you can feel an underlying beat, it will start to come to life.

Warsaw Session – BEAUTIFUL! Your phrasing and dynamics are lovely.



Superman Theme – WOW! I’m impressed. You can start learning the next section between the stars. Start with just the RH, but quickly add in the LH as a pulse keeper, it is mainly just constant Cs. Lots of triplets which I circled.

Song of the Dark Woods – all. Lovely! Give the 3rd line some extra love and ensure LH is doing the written fingering.

Cranky Cat – m1-8. Now HT. Great job with the notes and staccato touch. Now let the hands interrupt each other :)

Keep all technique prepared.


Keep all technique skills prepared.

*New* Raiders in the Night – This is in 6/8 so feel two main beats per measure, the accents help to feel this. A minor key signature. Page 1 is the expectation, but feel free to continue onwards if you like.


Song of the Dark Woods – All. In the 3rd line, the LH fingering is essential to keeping it legato. Work on this phrase hands seperate so you can eliminate the “splitting” of the notes (we want them to be pressed down at the exact same time).

INTERVALS – so today I included perfect 5ths, but on the level 1 exam you are only tested on major or minor 3rds. I apologize for throwing 5ths into the mix, my mistake, however no harm in more learning and knowledge, but don’t stress over them! With this link you can practice identifying the types of 3rds ascending or descending.

Maintain all your technical requirements.