Alex you are a quick learner, I am proud of your progress! Good Job memorizing Rain, Rain, please do the same for Happy Song.

Always think about the following three things BEFORE you begin playing: 1. Which hand? 2. Which Finger? 3. Which note?

Warm up every day that you practice with the following exercise: hands in C position, strengthen your pink and ring fingers by playing them like an alternating march, play with the tips of the fingers, lift them and separate them, ten repetitions each hand (ten repetitions in total if playing hands together)

For next week: Just a Second and Balloons  :) Good work!


Please try to purchase your appropriate theory rudiments book for us to work on together. If you have trouble finding it, I will be happy to look for one for you. Let’s work on matching your [u] (00) to your [i] (ee). Please read over Papillon and especially June Magic to get comfortable with the words for next week. Remember in Papillon to darken your [a~] sounds (like in the word temps or words with an/am) to sound more accurate in your singing voice.


Thanks for your work Ava! Let’s work on getting comfortable with Ode to Joy for next week, so that we can have fun playing around with how loud (forte) and soft (piano) we play it! For your singing, keep listening to Do Re Mi and try to match those notes. Play a note on the piano and try to match it! Sing along with your dad’s guitar, find fun simple songs on youtube and next I will record some exercises and song excerpts for you :) Good work!