Casey Ann,

Warm Up : scales : major C, D, E, F ,G ; minor C, D, E, G, A

4 note Chords, Arpeggios

In progress : Bach Invention Nr 8 in F major – practice in sections, hands seperately (bring to tempo) – then hands together

New : Chopin Polonaise in G minor (B flat, E flat) 1 page, hands seperately

(practice time : 20 minutes a day)



Warm Up : C, D , E major and minor scales, in parallel and contrary motion

In progress : Spanish Dance, a minor, have your chords ready in your left hand (A, G, F ,E ) so you can focus on the melody in your right hand,

Try to memorize line 1 and 2

By memory : Fur Elise (left hand smoothy connected, keep steady rhythm eighth notes)


(practice time : 15 minutes a day)



Warm up : C major , G major scales and triads, hands seperately and together, 1 octave

Review : Ode to joy

In progress : Lavender’s Blue , watch for the change in thumbs position

New : 18th Century dance, G position, make sure to get the rhythm correctly


(practice time 10 – 15 minutes a day)



Warm up : scales : C major, G major, each hand seperately, 1 octave

Review : Boogie on Broadway , C minor (E flat, A flat)

New : Scarf Dance, high C position (right hand)

Two note march – alternating tonic and dominant

Girl on a bicycle

Boy on a bicycle

(high C major position, notice the reverse pattern in right hand and left hand)



(practice time : 15 minutes a day)



Warm up : scales : C, G, D, A, E major , hands seperately and together, 1 octave

Review : Jazz Blast (watch for E flat)

In progress : Pumpkin Boogie, careful putting hands together- syncopated rhythm in your right hand, take one beat at a time


(practice time : 15 minutes a day)



Warm up : Scales : C major in parallel and contrary motion, hands together

In progress : Fandango (a minor) , watch for the chord change in your left hand, be ready on a beat

New : Dance of the Irish (g minor- B flat, E flat)


(practice time 15 – 20 minutes a day)



Warm up : C major and G major scales, chords and arpeggios

Review : Alouette (nicely done!)

New : Horseback Riding (Technic is Fun) d minor/F major 5 note scale position

3/4 time signature


(practice time: 10 – 15 minutes a day)



Warm up : C major and G major scales and chords, hands seperately and hands together

Review : Roller Blading (great job!)

New : Melody (Technic is Fun) – high C position

3/4 time signature


(practice time 10 – 15 minutes a day)



Warm up : C major, G major scales and chords

Review : The Silver Skates (great job!)

In Progress : Through the Enchanted Forest , C position, steady beat in the left hand

3/4 time signature

New : Making Hay

Roller Skates  РC position, 5 note scale


(practice time : 10 -15 minutes a day)