Osten, please try to practice a few times a week :) And clip your finger nails :)

Practice the Hanon exercise everyday. Ascending one day, descending the next day. Lift your fingers! Especially LH pinky.

The Entertainer: Remember the first three bars are three identical iterations in different octaves before the LH comes in with just those three notes. Practice those first 4 and a half bars until mastered, paying attention to proper fingering (follow what is indicated). If you are able to move on play the next 3-4 bars. spend at least 15 min a day on this.

Please bring your other Alfred book next week with you.


Nila, I will purchase a theory book for you so we can learn more about music together. especially, how to read music! Please speak with your parents about the idea of taking piano lessons sometimes, like once a month! We’ll keep practicing those tricky changes in rhythm, and always remember not to plug your sound in your nose, say what you want to sing first, nice and clear and simple and then match that feeling when you sing it. You can practice singing A E I O U vowels at home, nice and clean.


Great work Julia, work on spitting out those consonants in My Favourite Things! Especially where we have circled. I will bring you a copy for you to have and make markings on. Remember about taking breaths that feel uncomfortably large and then not acting or thinking about your sound, but instead just letting the breath flow continuously to make your most beautiful sound.

Try to memorize those words!

We’ll start on Phantom of the Opera next week!