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    Lessons in Toronto

    Electric Guitar and Bass Lessons in Toronto

    Getting Started with Electric Guitar

    Electric Guitar and Bass lessons are very popular at ABC Academy. A lot of younger music students get interested in music lessons from playing the modern video game phenomenon Guitar Hero, whereas older students have a variety of reasons for connecting to this musical instrument. Whatever your reasons, you’ll love to learn Guitar. It is very portable, allowing you to take it camping, traveling, or to a friend’s house, and you can be a singer/songwriter, accompanying yourself as a full musical act.

    Our teachers are able to assist you in learning how to play and read notes, and Tab (Tablature), playing blues or jazz guitar, as well as learning scales, accompaniment, and Solos. From basic chords to lead guitar, we can get you off to a quick start!

    Electric Guitars are available in a variety of sizes, so even a young child can begin to learn. It is helpful, but not mandatory, that the student has some ability to read.

    We can also help you prepare for University or College auditions.

    Buying or Renting for Your Lessons

    If you are taking beginner Guitar lessons, and have never played before, it is possible and totally OK to start on Electric rather than Acoustic. You’ll need to make sure you go to a good music retailer, and get the right sized instrument if you are a child or youth. Parents, you’ll want to consider renting an instrument if your young student is not full-sized. Also avoid the temptation to get earphones for your kids’ practice sessions, it is just too easy for them to damage their hearing by having the volume up to high.

    We will be happy to recommend a reliable retailer to set you up with the correct instrument for you.

    Call us with any more questions you have, or visit our free parent and music lesson resources page for helpful articles and tips on getting the most out of your music lesson experience.

    Helping You Every Step

    Whether you are beginner, intermediate, or advanced, we’ll help you along the way at your speed.  The modern music student is busy – at any age!  We’ll work with you and help you set flexible, realistic goals each week and, when the time is right, help you choose new guitar gear and musical directions.  If you want to talk ‘shop’ with your teacher about a new instrument, amps, strings, or any other equipment, it’s our pleasure to do so!

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