Happy Holidays everyone! I’m very proud of each of you <3 take care and see you soon!


*New* G Major scale  – G A B C D E F# G. Same fingering as your C scale, both hands are the same as always.

C major triads – keep going with these, being sure to use your thumb and pinky for the outside notes of each triad position. CEG EGC GCE CEG. Broken and solid

My Ordinary Life – the numbers written above the staff are finger numbers and are there for when you tuck your thumb under or move to a new position. Make sure all the notes are played staccato.


Keep working on your C Major scale with both hands with correct fingering. RH = 123 12345. LH = 54321 321.

C Major triads – triad patterns use the same 3 notes over and over in a different order. This will go CEG EGC GCE CEG. Use your thumb and pinky for the outside notes always, and finger 2 or 3 for the middle one. Broken means to play one note a time in the direction you’re going, and solid means to play all 3 notes at once (practice it both ways).


C Major scale – now you know how to do this with both hands! RH = 123 12345. LH = 54321 321.

In your new folder I printed a Choose your Own Adventure style piece where you can play it as written (all white notes) and it will sound minor (sad). Or you can add #s to all the Fs, creating F#s, and it will sound major (happy).