ACDC: Back in Black–DONE!!!
***NEW SONG: Livin’ On A Prayer by Bon Jovi
–Opening fill (“3e&a 4 & “)
**Please bring a binder/duotang for handouts on this one. I’ll be writing it out for you by hand


Warmups (1min/ea)
–Triplet Exercise (Goal tempo=120)
–Sixteenth-note exercise (goal tempo=100)
–Stick Control: ex. 57-64 (160bpm)
Joel Rothman Book: Lesson 17**
Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy: everything up until Chorus


Say It Ain’t So main beat–four times in a row
Alfred Lesson 6: exercise 1


–New triplet choreography worksheet (on the google drive)**
–Double-stroke progression: Natural rebound–>”pick it up” after 2 bounces–>drags/ruffs–>double-strokes
–Flams, Flam accents (careful that the LH flam doesn’t get reversed!), Flam Taps, Flam Paradiddles**
No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age
–Keep working on the Chorus, add everything up until the coda


Warmups (30sec/ea):
–8 on a hand exercise
–Single Stroke Roll (L-R-L-R….) playing smooth, even, controlled strokes
–Double Stroke Roll (L-L-R-R…)
–Paradiddles (L-R-L-L R-L-R-R…)
AC/DC: Back in Black
–Being learning four-on-the-snare groove from worksheet


Pad Exercises (1min/ea):
–Triplet Exercise (goal tempo=135)
–Sixteenth-note exercise (goal tempo=110)
–Roll Exercises (90bpm)
–Flams, Flam Accents, Flam Taps
–Rhythm exercise 40bpm
Syncopation Ex. 2 lines 1-5
Spanish Joint by D’Angelo: full song