Have an amazing March break everyone!

*I WILL BE AWAY FOR EASTER WEEKEND. At our next lesson, PLEASE CONFIRM if you would like a lesson that day (saturday March 30) so we can line up a substitute if necessary.*


*New* Dummy! –  Notice the Bb and Eb, creating a G minor key signature. RH. Once you feel confident you can start adding in the LH walking bass line. It’s a lot like the Pumpkin Boogie one, just starting on G instead. These rhythms are more complex than we’ve studied, so use your ear, and know that the More beams (lines) there is on a note the shorter it is. (for example 16th notes have two beams, and 8th notes only have one)

Steampunk – Nice work!!! Keep practicing and counting steadily to get it fluent.

Science Blaster – play around with this using the Musescore copy if you like! You are certainly capable of reading it. I will learn some too and we can combine for a duet eventually.


Viva La Vida –  Sounding awesome!! Now start thinking dynamics! Chorus should be louder than the rest. See if you can dimuendo at the end of phrases to add drama. I am happy with ANY dynamic plan you create if it feels musical to you, as long as the entire piece is not monotune :)


Skylore – this piece is in D minor position (minor because it only uses white keys). This is what it will sound like when we play together, your part is the high part.


*New* Kites in the Sky. This piece uses C major root position triads in both hands, then the LH crosses over to play a higher note. At the end you will use one hand after another, playing every single white key on the keyboard beginning on low C and continuing upwards to create a beautiful ending. You can listen and look here if you need help.

C Major Contrary motion scale – today you played a RH C scale with perfect fingering with your scarf as a blindfold! Great job!

C Major triadsWatch here.