Congratulations to all students who performed in the recital, I am so proud of all of you and I look forward to even more fabulous performances from even more brave and prepared students in the spring recital!!


Hey Osten, please remember to trim your nails! You know what? Put an alarm on your phone for the evening beforehand :)

Entertainer: Making good but slow progress with the Entertainer. This will be a great piece for you. Add LH to bars 5-6. At home, please practice at least every other day, just 10 minutes is enough! Practice only 1-2 bars at a time for mastery, or else your 10 minutes are wasted with inefficiency. If possible, please learn hands together to bar 15.

Hanon Exercise: Please practice this sincerely with your best effort 1x/day!

Please consider extending your lesson time to 45 minutes. A big chunk of our lessons is spent on warming up the fingers, encouraging good habits, and doing in-lesson practice to move us beyond last week’s goals to new goals for the week. There is hardly enough time in the half hour.



Madison, please also consider a 45 minute lesson, as I think it would be interesting and beneficial to try adding some dictation and composition instruction to your lessons, not to mention some theory work!

Please practice the Hanon Exercise (it is always hands together) 1x/day. Remember, play as LOUD as you can!

New Song: Nick Nack Paddy Wack! Please have the notes learned and a steady tempo for next week.