Kumbayah: Well done! All done with this piece, it will be warm-up for next week – always focusing on keeping chords exactly together

18th Century: We can maybe do this piece for the December recital? – Staccato – practice the first 2 bars 2-4 times, then practice the second 2 bars 2-4 times, then you can practice the rest of the piece. Pay attention to loud (F) and soft (p) while you practice. 10 minutes/day

New Book: Practice Hanon Exercise on pages 14-15 and pick two songs that you would like to learn


G major scale: 2 octaves with firm fingers, think of your fingers as “little Madisons” that are proud to play!

Lavender’s Blue: Practice the exercises on page 8 first, then practice bars 3 and 6 2-4 times, then play through the whole piece! 10min/day

Kumbayah: Play Loudly! And smoothly, while watching your counting. Good Job on this one!



My Favourite Things: Consonants consonants consonants! :)