Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay in getting this out to you this week. Hope you’ve all been managing a bit of practice anyway. Here is just a reminder of this week’s goals.

I have now created Google Drive folders for all of you, so when I add music for you, I’ll be putting it into the same folder.


-work on Middle C March and Ten Second Song
-practice Silent Night (up until “all is bright”)
-finish up theory book pg 21


-work on Ten Second Song and Driving in the G Clef
-practice the first line of Jingle Bells
-Here is a melody track of Part of Your World: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12oKbhJ9E19r6OHYyIRSOyB_P0s12Otft?usp=sharing


-keep practicing Sherlock, Minuetto, and Arietta
-listen to the Fly like an Eagle piece so we can start next week
-next 4 star exercise
-continue practicing playing the chords we’ve learned and pick a song you want to learn the chords for

See you all soon!