Awesome job tonight! Very impressed with everyone’s progress. :) See below for your weekly homework suggestions.


-Sunflower: practice the whole thing hands together
-Runaway Rabbit: practice whole thing, hands together; watch for when it is legato vs staccato
-Rainforest: practice this; when do you have the interval of a 5th? when do you have other intervals?


-Girl on a Bicycle: practice this, aiming for relaxed yet rounded hand posture as you play the scales in the RH
-Boy on a Bicycle: practice this, this time aiming for relaxed and rounded hand posture in the LH
-Song for a Scarecrow: feel the 3/4 time signature, and watch for the legatos vs staccatos


-Surprise Symphony: keep practicing, remember that the LH has 3 quarter notes in bar 13
-Canon: keep practicing, aiming for a slow and steady beat
-Prince of Denmark’s March: nice job brushing this one off! Keep practicing; remember that “DC Al Fine” means go back to the beginning and play until the “Fine” marking


-Minuet in F: keep practicing this one, aiming to get the whole thing HT this week
-Batman: keep the driving steady tempo; practice the chord changes by isolating the hand positions; spend a bit of extra time on the last line

See you all next week!