Hello! My apologies for not posting this earlier. Holiday busyness and a hint of forgetfulness are to blame there. My bad. Although, I trust both of you having been playing trumpet and working everything we’ve talked about!


This year we worked a lot on major scales, range and reading music. You’ve done a great job improving on all of those facets of trumpet playing. Although, I think we should spend a lot more time reading music. You sounded great on all of those duets & All Through The Night, which makes me think more reading would hugely benefit your playing. I’ll come into the next lesson with some sheet music for you to read and we can go from there. Please take sometime to think about potential questions you might have about sight reading, or any trumpet related questions that might have come up over the break. 

We will also do a quick review of the major scales. If you feel comfortable with those we will do some more patterns, or start to learn minor scales. 

Hope you had a good break!


Nice job learning a majority of the rep for your RCM exam! You should be excited. Your trumpet playing has improved quite a bit and I think that will make learning the rest of the repertoire even easier. I apologize for not sending links to me playing the new material sooner. It would have been great to have that as a reference over the break, I hope that didn’t hold you back from starting to learn the new songs. 

This coming lesson – and the following ones – we will review what else needs to be done for the exam. These new songs will be a good challenge but you’ll pick up on them quickly. We need to check out some more scales and a couple other small things. Overall I think you’re in good shape for the exam!

Here is a link to the google drive with me playing Etude in D Minor, and Etude in G Major.


Hope you had a good break!