I think it would be a great idea to invest in a couple of books of songs.  Check out Amazon on line or Long and McQuade on Bloor to see if you can find something to your liking.  Your voice is getting stronger and I think this is a major breakthrough!  Make sure you do a little singing every single day, so the progress ..progresses! see you soon!

You have a lot of potential as a soloist and I think it might be time to venture out into that realm if you are interested.  It would be good to get a book together (binder is fine) with songs you like to sing or would like to sing.  Include the songs we are working on.  I hope you had a smashing good time at your gig!  See you soon!

Yay for new discoveries!  You are doing so well and I’m impressed with your growing confidence!  I look forward to hearing you on Friday at the open mic.  Remember to watch those vowels! Always do a nice, gentle warm up in your lower range.  This will build strength.  See you soon!

I hope you found our song writing exercise a little useful.  It’s a bit hard to get your head around but I know you’ll figure it out.  Let’s keep working on it. Do some gentle warm ups this week, every day. Let’s build up the strength and endurance of your lovely voice.  It’s going very well!  see you soon!