As always, great work on your warmups! “Haunted Mouse” is starting to sound really good, and today, especially after we discovered dynamics, it became even better! Remember p = piano, which means soft, and f = forte, which means loud. Don’t start the piece too loudly because it is piano in the beginning. Another thing that made the piece sound even spookier was the difference between staccato and legato. Really pay attention to when it’s marked staccato and when it’s legato.

Also, always remember to keep your shoulder nice and relaxed. We started looking at a new song today called “Classic Dance”. Let’s see how much of it you can learn by next week!


Much better C Major and G Major scales! Keep doing G Major for next week, and D Major one octave. Remember D Major has two sharps (F-sharp and C-Sharp). “Cowboy Song” was also much better. Keep working on the right hand for “Magic Man”. You did a good job of learning it in our lesson today. Your big assignment for home is to see how much of the left hand you can learn on your own and I’ll check both your left and right hands next week. Let’s if we can start putting the two hands together next week.

Also, please remember to bring your book next week!