Hello students and parents,

I’m posting this from a mobile device so please forgive the lacklustre formatting!

I was unable to come in to teach at ABC this past Monday, April 17th, and that will also be the case next Monday, April 24th.

Last lesson, Jonny, who I have faith in as a capable drummer and teacher, subbed for me. He will be subbing again next lesson.

The following Monday, I will be back.

As much as I love teaching (and learning from!) every one of you, I would encourage you to go to your lesson with Jonny. I say this for two reasons: 1) I believe that lesson frequency is important to your progress, and 2) a variety of perspectives on the same material can be valuable.

In the mean time, work on whatever Jonny gives you, and in addition:

Ezra: Work on ghost note placement on the 8th and 16th note grids. Reference the paper I gave you, but also I encourage you to come up with your own patterns that incorporate ghost notes.

Chloe: Play the basic rock beat at a slow to medium tempo. Play improvised fills, and come back in on the 1. Pay close attention to: NOT speeding up, avoiding flams, and only playing ONE beat 1.


Brad: ONE. TWO and THREE. FOUR. ONE. TWO and a THREE. FOUR. ONE. TWO e and a THREE. FOUR. Remember that the numbers are an even distance apart. As you cram more syllables between the 2 and the 3, they get faster. And as always, get on the kit and play a beat, to a song in headphones if you’re comfortable.