“The Girl from Ipanema”: practice playing the bass instead of the chords. Bossa Nova bass uses the root note and the fifth of each chords and plays them in half notes.

“Tchaikovsky’s theme”: Practice the pedal for the whole song. Start with 110 bpm, and slowly speed up the song until you reach 126 bpm.


Piano Adventures p. 47. ” Petite Minuet”. We read the first line in class, so he has to practice first the second line alone, and then the whole piece.


Piano Adventures p. 24 “Paper Airplane”. He has to be careful with the skips, (from G to E and from E to C). If he can read a little bit of the next page would be great as well.


“Little Piece”: Use a metronome to practice. If you need a refresher, divide the piece in sections like we did in the class. Play each section in a loop a few times until you feel confident about your playing, and then go to the next one. Keep adding parts until you get to the end of the piece.

“Paris Texas”: Take a few minutes to play the bit seen in class¬† a few times. Make sure you are falling with the next chord in the beat 1 and not in the beat 3. Add the singing.