Hey friends,

Unfortunately we didn’t get anything together to perform at this session’s recital, but come on by this Sunday from noon to 3:00 at 225 Geary Avenue to see some of the other students play. Attendance for all students is mandatory. I’ll be there! More information can be found at https://music-lessons.ca/2018-spring-recital-summer-fall-registration-and-more/. Happy practicing.



Your homework is the same as last week’s.


Your homework is the same as last week’s.


Practice time: 30 min/day

  1. Basic Beats 5-7
  2. Play 16th notes on the hi-hat with your right hand along to a metronome at 55 bpm (beats per minute). Remember: the metronome is clicking the quarter notes and there are four 16th notes in a quarter note, so you must play four 16th notes every click. Once you’re comfortable playing at 55 bpm, move up to 60. Once you’re comfortable at 60, move up to 65. Then 70. Then 75. Don’t go higher than that. This exercise will give you the hand speed you need to play Hotel California comfortably and confidently.
  3. Play along to the recording of Hotel California. You don’t need to play it exactly like they do. You don’t have to do drum fills or hit the crash cymbal if you don’t want to, but at least play the main beat.


Your homework is the same as last week’s except I also want you to practice double strokes.

Practice them along to a metronome – just like the single strokes except you’ll need to hit the drum 2 times when you hear a click. Start with the metronome at 60 and then increase the speed (like last week).