“Tchaikovsky’s theme”: Try to speed it up a little bit (use the metronome to go gradually faster).
Practice the pedal changes. Make sure you are lifting the foot at the right moment. Stop and listen: you should not get the two chords mixed, or a halt in between chords.

“The Girl from Ipanema”: Practice the song by doing the bass line in the left hand. Remember that sometimes you’ll change the direction of the motion (up-down/down-up).


Piano Adventures p. 26 “Traffic Jam 2nds”. For this exercise, in the first line make sure he understands he is just going in opposite directions with his hands. That’s going to make it far easier for him. In the last bar, make sure he’s playing the correct notes (D-C in the right hand and F-E in the left).

Practice “Luigi’s Mansion” and “Overworld Theme”. For the latter, in the B section, it would be better if he plays the low part (FA-AC) with the left hand and the high part right after (F-A) with the right hand, instead of jumping between registers all the time.


“Paris, Texas”: Practice the following things, separately, then try to add them one by one:

  • drag a little the melody C-D-Eb-F-G-Ab-G. You are playing it faster than your tempo.
  • don’t think of the high notes as high notes and the big leaps as big leaps. Thinking of them as easier than they are is going to help you with your control over your voice.
  • Practice the pedal with the corrected position (the heel must touch the floor, and your leg should form an obtuse angle on your knee).
  • Play softer.