I’m loving this weather, not too hot but nice and sunny :) Enjoy the week everyone.


Duel of the Fates – the key signature is E minor which has F#s, the most commonly used accidental is the D#. Don’t rush it, take it easy.

The Matador – ensure there is a big contrast between the texture of the A and B sections. A is sharper and bouncier, B is songlike and thicker. 

3 against 2 – but now the LH is the triplets and the RH is the 8th notes. Practice drumming on your lap lots first and go slow.

Here is your performance of Star Wars today :) Enjoy and know that only people with this link can view the video.


Never Gonna Give You Up – Refamiliarize yourself with the RH melody at the chorus. This week focus on learning as much of the LH as possible. Now that you’ve marked in the opening note of each section as being F, and you know the bottom line of the bass clef is G, you should have no trouble reading the LH notes.

Terrible Trolls – great work! Do some extra practice of just the RH doing the C minor motive to get it nice and even. Check your notes in the last line.

Young Ludwig – nice and steady, I’m impressed! This week let’s get the parts overlapping in the 2nd line.


*New* Far Away – All black keys! Whenever it says 8va it is typically creating a far away echo sound, so dynamics are very important here. I would begin hands together right away as the LH is not tricky.

Heavenly Blue – repetition repetition repetition! You’ve got all the foundation laid, we just got to get it more fluent, practice will do this. Do 4 bars at a time.

Angelfish – nice! Explore it with the pedal at home and have fun making a beautiful dramatic performance like the recording we watched today. The top of page 2 is where it gets louder and more exciting, so make sure I hear that.


Technique – great!! Very nice and steady. Think shaping (start quiet, grow, get quieter again) everytime now, and ensure you’re always making a nice warm round tone by playing to the bottom of the keys.

Arabesque – when doing the crescendo in the opening line, grow lots with the RH but keep the LH relatively the same the whole way through, this will make the dynamics much more noticeable.

In the Spirit – at the very end before you go back to the beginning, get a little quieter so we can tell that B section is coming to a close and then the A section pops back in.


*New* 1st page of Tilt-a-Whirl – G position. Fill in the two notes when the LH crosses over, they are F# and G. Pay close attention to which notes are staccato and which are not and play accordingly.

C Major scale hands together –  the fingering is like always, but it’s tricky to get used to the thumb under moment happening at different times. Notice here how the circled notes are the pivot points for where the thumb transition happens.