Hello Piano Explorers and Parents

Here’s today’s assignment:



Thank you for the lovely gifts! It was my pleasure to teach Milena the past 2 years and she’s learned a lot about how to make music! Good luck for the remainder of the school year. If you’re interested, check out www.medici.tv for classical concerts streamed online. The TSO also does concerts for young people: http://www.tsoundcheck.ca/zh/concerts-and-tickets/2015-2016-Season/Subscription-Series/Young-Peoples-Concerts.aspx so feel free to check these out when you have time.



This Land: Aim to play hands together this week.   She didn’t have her Hush Little Baby this week (pls bring next week). We also reviewed the difference between skips and steps on the musical staff.



Merrily We Roll Along: Focus on this piece this week.  This has the same melody as Mary Had a Little Lamb. Keep your eyes on the page as much as possible and remember to change the LH (don’t hold down the G).



Make your Move: The hands are in a new position. This can be confusing especially if she associates the note with a finger instead of looking down at the keyboard to check where the notes are. Aim for careful, thoughtful practice. Play to the end this week.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: The hands are now in F position. Make sure you think about where the LH chords are moving to.



Alphabet Song: Well done today! She played confidently.

Spring Song: Look for the pink brackets. Here, play the notes quickly and evenly. Try not to leave a gap between the last 8th note and the next quarter note.

Musette: Hold the half notes for 2 beats

This Old Man: Continue to follow the notes carefully. Keep up the good work!




Have a wonderful week everyone!