Hello everyone,

As a part of the new homework e-mail system implemented by the ABC School of Music, here is the first weekly homework e-mail for Jonny’s Saturday students.


Practice playing the new beats and rhythms that were given to you this week. Also practice counting the rhythms out loud while you play them as this will help with accuracy. Focus on keeping a steady speed when you play – try not to speed up or slow down.


Practice the new beats that were introduced at the beginning of this week’s lesson. Try playing just the snare drum and bass drum parts together and then add the hi hat. Keep it slow until the beats start to feel comfortable, then try gradually speeding them up. Also, familiarize yourself with the new rhythms introduced this week. More to come on those next week.


Keep working on the open hi hat beats, especially the new ones introduced this week. Focus on keeping all the rhythms even and making the hi hat sound the same each time it is opened.


Work on the new beat from “Tighten Up” by The Black Keys. If you start to feel confident about the beat, then try playing it along with the song. Also, keep working on playing drum fills with smooth transitions in and out of the fill.

This coming Saturday, October 10, Jonny will be out of town. Andrew will be subbing for Jonny as he has many time in the past. Andrew will know what each of you have been working on so he will be able to review your homework with you and give you new stuff to work on.

Thanks to everyone for your hard work this week! Keep it up!