Hey everyone! Nice job this week!

In the future I will have my Tuesday and Wednesday students divided up into 2 separate posts, but since I’m not too sure who has signed up for which day at this point, since there were some scheduling changes, I’m just going to send this out to both groups. There is now an option on my ABC Teacher Page for either Wednesday or Tuesday, so depending on when your lesson is, please make sure you have signed up for the correct day!

See below for your homework suggestions. Each student should try to practice 15mins a day for 4-5 days of the week, if possible.


-Lil Liza Jane — pay attention to the staccato marks and add dynamics
-The Lonely Pine — watch out for the quarter rests; make sure the RH is starting on a high E, and then later in the song your RH position moves down
-Here is the first two pages of “Sunflower” with most of the note names written in. There’s a lot of brand new concepts in this, so I think it’s best we start it together next week! But what you can do in the meantime is fill in the notes that I didn’t label… Every note is labelled with its letter name at least once, so for the blank ones, you can figure them out by finding another note on the same space or line of the staff!


-Forest Drums — watch out for the quarter rests (remember that the LH often plays first while the RH rests for a beat). In bar 14 and 18, the LH notes change, and remember to move down an octave at the very end
-No Moon Tonight — practice playing it through


-Merry Widow Waltz — keep practicing it while counting out loud
-Spring — keep practicing it while counting out loud, especially remembering the &s!
-Jazz Blast — keep up the counting! In the last 2 bars, double check that you are playing the right notes


-Etude — try practicing it with the metronome, maybe around 70 to start and then working up the speed
-Minuet in F — practice hands separately, and try the first line hands together
-Minuet in A — add dynamics and give it a little bit more practice
-A minor scale in 2 octaves
-Here is a copy of the Imperial March for you to start taking a look at. You can either look it over this week yourself, or we can start it together next week!


-Tightrope Walker — find the hand position and play with the finger numbers; then try sliding to the white keys and playing there too
-The I Like Song — try practicing the 3 different ways: 1) play and say finger numbers out loud; 2) play and count the beats (one for quarter notes, one-two for half notes); 3) play and sing the words
-Here is a little worksheet you can try this week as well. Draw quarter notes and half notes in the boxes just like the examples. Can you try to clap out the rhythms at the bottom?


-Practice finding all the C’s and E’s on the piano, just like we did in the lesson. Can you find some other notes as well?
-Sing along to Do Re Mi — you can try learning some of the other words too if you want!
-We sang our Do Re Mi scale as well (do re mi fa so la ti do) — Try singing that this week starting on a middle C. See if you can follow along with yourself on the piano. (Hint: if you start on middle C, the scale is all the white keys in a row up to the next C)

Good job, folks! See you next time :)